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Surrounding area

Bad Gögging lies in an area full of beautiful landscape. There are many historic and prehistoric sites as well as sports and leisure facilities and museums. We have compiled a list of leisure activities for you.
distance: 12 km
The Abbey brewery is the oldest abbey brewery in the world. The beer is brewed with the traditions of the Benedictine order since 1050.
distance: 22 km
The circular building on the Michelsberg near Kehlheim was built by King Ludwig I as a memorial for the German unification after the German Campaign 1813-1815.
distance:17 km
A historic city in the heart of Lower Bavaria. Because it acts as a gateway to the Altmühl valley and the Danube valley it is also a junction for refreshing hiking tours, bicycle tours and boat tours.
distance:17 km
The Donaudurchbruch holds an exciting journey through different geological eras and shows the formation process of this unique river section.
distance: 8 km
A unique beer and art experience. You will be delighted by the beauty and the appealing architecture of the Kuchlbauer tower and the Kunsthaus which is a Hundertwasser architectural project. You can also take part in a guided tour of the brewery.
distance: 4 km
The Roman fortification Abusina is part of the Roman Limes which is a UNESCO world heritage and one of few completely uncovered fortifications with reconstructed foundation walls at this section of the Limes.
distance: 5 km
The bird park Abensberg is a beautiful nature park with an area of 28000 m2. The neat paths lead past aviaries and outdoor enclosures.
distance:36 km
Visit the Audi museum or take part in a guided tour in the factory in Ingolstadt. An exciting glimpse behind the scenes.
distance: 28 km
A factory outlet centre in the style of a shopping street. This is a different kind of shopping experience.
distance: 33 km
Visit the romantic castle garden at the theatre and take a walk to the city gate at the cathedral.
distance: 42 km
Ratisbon has more than 1500 landmarked buildings and great sights like the Ratisbon cathedral, the stone bridge or the Walhalla.
distance: 47 km
The Lower Bavarian seat of government since 1839. The city has 800 years of rich history and cultural values. The Trausnitz Castle, for example, embodies these values.
distance: 50 km
The Altmühl panoramic trail promises hiking pleasure with culture and nature experiences and leads to the UNESCO world heritage.
distance: 21 km
Exceptional stalagmite and stalactite formations in the residential cave of the Neanderthal and animals from the ice age and findings from excavations.
distance: 29 km
The castle Prunn stands on top of a Jurassic rock overlooking the Altmühl.
distance: 32 km
Station for species protection and research. Experience the kings of the air in free flight. A breath taking spectacle of free flying birds of prey.
distance: 25 km
The greatest group of rock crystals in the world. The sparkling giant quartz from the Sandstone Mountains in Arkansas weights around 8 tons. You can find the greatest collection of replica of legendary historic diamonds in the world with more than 300 pieces.
distance: 20 km
The thousand-year-old hunting lodge is privately owned and opens its doors for cultural events.
The world’s greatest connected hops growing region at around 17800 hectare.
distance: 8 km
Lovingly restored town houses, the old city wall, the Marderturm and the castle garden characterize the historic old town.
Distance: 53 km
The castle Trausnitz lies upon Landshut and can be seen from far away. Pictures from the 16th century can be viewed in the art chamber.